Monday, July 18, 2011

Prevent, Promote, Optimize, Maintain

Prevent injury. Promote Healthy Living. Optimize Fitness. Live Well.

While most approaches to health is late intervention for an illness or injury after its occurrence, my approach is one of early prevention and life long optimization of health & wellness.

There seems to be an overarching commonality of the current “healthcare” approach (or as some have coined, “sick-care”) vs. the “wellness” approach.

   1. Current healthcare approach: Treating something negative that already occurred.
       Kettlebell Therapy: Preventing something negative from occurring.

   2. Current healthcare approach: Catching up to something negative that is present.
       Kettlebell Therapy: Promoting something positive and maintaining its presence.

   3. Current healthcare approach: Reacting as injury or illness occurs.
       Kettlebell Therapy: Maintaining optimal fitness to decrease injury & illness.

It’s been estimated that wellness programs can be cost-saving upwards of a 1:3 return on your investment. This means that for every dollar you invest in your wellness, you gain the worth of $3 dollars!

So remember: Prevent injury, Promote Healthy Living, Optimize Fitness, and Live Well with Kettlebell Therapy!

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