Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The OMPT Channel Review

Dr. Erson Religioso (creator of The Manual Therapist blog) and I were fortunate enough to connect over the blogosphere just a little over a year ago. In fact, we actually began our blogs around the same time, however, we’ve seen something very special in the hands of Dr. "E".

We have seen his efforts thrive through products such as the EDGE tool, Stop Thought Viruses, and, perhaps one of the most important resources for manual therapy, The OMPT channel.

Through The OMPT Channel, Dr. Religioso offers direct video access to information and techniques centering but not limited to Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy. What is perhaps the most striking about the quality of the content is that he makes available Fellowship level strategies and techniques. This level of information is typically available only to individuals who have received a graduate degree in physical therapy, and, have undergone an additional two years of intensive post-graduate training.  Many in the profession consider fellowship level training as the highest post-graduate level of training available to orthopedic manual therapy.

The OMPT channel offers a wide array of content spanning from EDGE tool techniques and spinal manipulation to eclectic strategies and assessments gathered though Dr. E’s own personal experience (for which his accoladesspeak volumes).

The price of such a resource is unthinkably affordable at $4.99 a month, or, $49.99 a year.  The channel’s interface is very easy to use, and, the videos are clear and quickly understandable - I'd expect nothing less from a faculty member of several Doctor of Physical Therapy programs.

As a Physical Therapist who practices in three very different settings of Acute Care, Wellness, and concierge Home Health, the OMPT channel is an invaluable resource to me when I need another perspective or review of technique.

I highly recommend the OMPT channel to practicing clinicians, and, especially to Physical Therapy students studying manual techniques for practicums, labs, and examinations.

My kudos and deepest appreciation to Dr. Religioso for sharing his knowledge, and, making it available in such an easily accessible venue.

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