Pain Relief & Restorative Movement Therapy

Pain. It hurts. It is uncomfortable. It is stressful. It changes the way you move. It changes the way you live your day to day activities. There is acute pain, traumatic pain, neural pain, central pain, chronic pain, acute on chronic pain, converted pain, phantom pain, and infinite combinations thereof. Pain is depressing, debilitating, and life changing. Best of all, pain can be managed - even relieved.

In most cases, pain and impaired functional movement go hand in hand.  It is rare that one experiences pain without developing compensatory strategies of movement, function, and lifestyle. With a compassionate understanding of the human experience, a skilled clinician can effectively help manage and even relieve pain with manual therapy, physical modalities, mind-body awareness, cognitive strategies, and restorative movement therapy.

Restorative Movement Therapy is the systematic analysis, correction, training, and restoration of limited functional mobility, joint range of motion, and activity limitations. Dr. Fung uses a unique system of diagnostic movement science, manual kinetic analysis, and functional assessments to provide an integrated solution for your functional needs. Restorative Movement Therapy has a wide range of applications from returning to sports to post surgical recovery at home. If you have lost the ability to do the activities you love or suffer from painful movement derangements, Restorative Movement Therapy can help bring you to your optimal level of function and find the pain relief you are looking for.