Below are some testimonials from clients, patients, students, and lecture attendees.
(Anonymity was preserved for those who requested it.)

Jacob's Kettlebell Therapy experience.

"Training with Kettlebells is a blast! Dr. Fung's program offers endless movement varieties and is much more fun compared to exercise machines and typical free-weights. Dr. Fung is extremely knowledgeable in the use of kettlebells, exercise science, and therapeutic movement. His teaching approach and techniques ensure that every participant, regardless of fitness level and skill, are appropriately challenged and have a positive exercise experience.” - Tony, San Diego, CA .

"Love, love, love the Kettlebell and Physiokinetic Fitness class! Dr. Fung is an excellent hand’s on instructor who ensures proper form through a great workout. It's amazing how quickly a kettlebell workout will get your heart rate up! Dr. Fung emphasizes a balance of strengthening and stretching, and, I'm consistently amazed at the abundance of muscles addressed each session. One of the best benefits is that my shoulder impingement has all but disappeared!" – David, San Diego, CA

"Dr. Fung is the only kettlebell expert I trust." - D. Lee., SoCal

"I believe Dr. Fung’s fitness program is fantastic, short, and sweet.  I saw a difference in my muscle tone, strength, and endurance in a short amount of time.  A few days a week is all it takes. Of course, more would be even better. It's a great way to exercise!!! - Martha, San Diego, CA.

"The class is great for your body!" – Sherry, Spring Valley, CA

"Dr. Fung is an incredible and knowledgeable professional! His class is an incredible experience!" – Patty, San Diego, CA

"Dr. Fung was instrumental in making the diagnosis and in prescribing the treatment for a complete recovery." – Mrs. M., Az

"I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you!" – Jay, San Diego, CA

“Dr. Fung is an enthusiastic and credible speaker!”

"I have bad arthritis in both my knees as well as fibromyalgia. Dr. Fung's kettlebell class is the only exercise which has helped my body and not hurt it." - T.R., San Diego, CA

“Dr. Fung mixes humor with expertise and stresses safety during exercise.”

"This is one of the best things I have done for my mother and myself.  In addition to an excellent source of cardio and strength training combined, Dr. Fung gives one on one training, emphasizing “safety first” to ensure that you are doing the exercises properly and not injuring yourself.  I highly recommend his program to anyone. It is a great class for those that are looking to start something new and get motivated to become fit!" – Kathy, Santee, CA

"Kettlebells - no KettleBALLS? No, really… KettleBELLS! This is the most ridiculous looking exercise I have ever tried, AND, the most effective! Forget what you look like doing it, and concentrate on the form. You will get the best total body workout in the least amount of time. Posture, body alignment, balance and stamina will all improve, along with toning and muscle strength." – Gretchen, Registered Nurse, San Diego, CA

“Dr. Fung is sensational!”

“Dr. Fung is a dynamic speaker with great energy, style, and articulation”

"My knee's no longer hurt after Dr. Fung started me on his kettlebell program" - Ms. C., Kearny Mesa, CA

"I had a knot between my shoulder blades for over 15 years. Dr. Fung was able to resolve the issue in 3 sessions!" - Rich, San Diego, CA

“Dr. Fung is very informative and provides excellent demonstrations”

“Dr. Fung’s blend of technique, humor, and enthusiasm is great! I’m getting one (a kettlebell)!”