Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kettlebell Therapy News

We have made two additions to
    -  Spinal Tension Release Therapy
    -  Restorative Movement Therapy

Also, much gratitude to Physical Therapy Web Space for publishing our article on Kettlebell Therapy.

Like most people, when I first saw a kettlebell, I was simultaneously confused and amused. My first exposure to kettlebells happened at a martial arts seminar in San Diego when one of the instructors lugged out a 53 pound iron-wrecking-ball with a handle fused to the top of it. He called the object a "kettlebell" – it looks like a tea kettle and it swings like a church bell. He began a demonstration and spoke on the benefits and martial arts applications of kettlebell exercise. I had little interest in new trends and was much less inclined to try it out myself – that is, until I saw one of the seminar leaders struggle with the most basic and foundational exercise, the ballistic kettlebell swing.

Read more at the Physical Therapy Web Space.

Most posts to come! Stay Tuned!

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