Monday, January 30, 2012

Resolution Reality Check: Simple, Logical, Effective (Part 2)

Last post, we discussed the components of a successful Health-Fitness New Year’s Resolution.  Three components are must-haves to attain success; the resolution must be “simple, logical, effective.”  We also discussed the logic and science behind kettlebell exercise as a solid tool in achieving success.

To close out our “reality check” on the New Year’s Fitness Resolution, I am introducing a workout routine which fulfills those requirements.  One of the many advantages of kettlebell exercise is that it addresses the whole body.  Instead of isolating body parts which are meant to work together, kettlebells train the body to integrate – the “Five Star” Kettlebell Routine is a workout which does just that.

The Five Star is comprised of five kettlebell exercises done in sequence and switched from side-to-side.  The exercises are as follows:
  1. One Handed Swing – The foundational kettlebell ballistic exercise which trains lower quarter power, core stability, and corrective functional biomechanics.
  2. Clean and Press – Good explosive functional power along with upper quarter strengthening and shoulder girdle stability.
  3. High Pull – Explosive dynamic reversal along with core stability and balance.
  4. Snatch – Intense muscular explosivity and cardiovascular demand.
  5. Windmill (and switch swing to other hand) – Dynamic control of upper quarter, shoulder girdle, core, and balance.

The Five Star Kettlebell Routine is a workout which is quick and efficient for the busy day.  These five exercises cover all regions of the body dynamically, functionally, combined with strength and endurance. Finishing a one repetition cycle of this five exercise sequence usually takes 15-25 seconds.  On average, hammering out ten repetitions on both sides will take approximately 6-8 minutes resulting in a quick and efficient full body workout.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for support Kettlebell Therapy™ as we’ve continued to develop our site and resources. We've added to our sidebar several links and classes I highly recommend.

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Finally, I would like to make special acknowledgements to Dr. Erson Religioso at The Manual Therapist, and, to The Physical Therapy Web Space for their support and collaboration during the early launching & development of Kettlebell Therapy™.

My best to you all!
-Dr. Ben Fung


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