Monday, November 21, 2011

National Speaking of Women's Health Conference

Thank you all who came out on Saturday to Sharp Healthcare's Speaking of Women's Health Conference in San Diego, 2011!  It was a fantastic conference filled with dynamic speakers, a great expo hall, and motivated women striving for best health.

For those of you who missed my lectures, these are my top 10 take away points:
1. Resting metabolism accounts for about 60% to 75% of the calories you burn every day. – Mayo Clinic
2. Lean muscle mass is responsible for the majority of calories burnt on a daily basis.
3. Fat supplies 60% of the body's ongoing energy needs at rest primarily from muscle metabolism.
4. The secret to melting fat is engaging in exercise that simultaneously builds lean muscle mass and addresses the cardiovascular system with aerobic exercise.
5. Kettlebell exercise is a resistance exercise which increases muscle mass by strengthening your body with functional movements and correct body mechanics.
6. Kettlebell exercise also allows for semi-sedentary individuals to safely exercise at nearly 90% of their Age Predicted Maximum Heart Rate during a 15 minute protocol (Fung 2010).
7. Aerobically, kettlebell exercise is equivalent to a brisk job as measured by the actual oxygen consumption during exercise.
8. Unlike traditional resistance/lifting exercises or running, the foundational techniques in kettlebell exercise use physics that are joint sparing rather than joint crushing/shearing.
9. To maintain kettlebell exercise strictly in the aerobic domain: kettlebell weight should be limited to < 13% of body weight (Fung 2010).
10. Recommended starting weight classes for women range from 15-26 lbs.

Thanks again to all who came out and supported us!

Season's Best to All!
-Dr. Fung

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