Friday, December 2, 2011

The Fung Protocol

My thanks again to all of you who supported, organized, and helped prepare for the very successful 2011 National Speaking of Women’s Health Conference via Sharp Healthcare in San Diego.

First things first: I’ve received numerous e-mails asking for information on my kettlebell classes held through Sharp Healthcare. Click here for the link to registration.

Also, I also know cost effectiveness is always a concern and that many who attended Sharp’s Women’s Conference wish for additional affordable class times (ie. day time classes, weekend classes, etc.), and, additional locations (ie. East County - San Diego).  If you wish to pitch in your vote, please e-mail me: and let me know your ideal class time/location.

Onto the new post! What is the Fung Protocol?

The approach of Kettlebell Therapy is 100% based on research evidence and clinical science. One of the founding pieces is the 2010 Fung Protocol as published by American College of Sports Medicine. The Fung Protocol is defined as a repeating 30 seconds “on” (exercise) – 30 seconds “off” (active recovery) routine which cycles 3 times between the following 6 exercises:
-          Left Handed Snatch
-          Right Handed Snatch
-          Left Handed Clean & Press
-          Right Handed Clean & Press
-          Left Hand leading Switch Swings (switch on every 5th swing)
-          Right Hand leading Switch Swings (switch on every 5th swing)

This cycle of 6 exercises is repeated 3 times making a total of 18 minutes of exercise following the 30:30 on/off repetition.  Of the many results of my doctoral work, this particular protocol demonstrated an exercise response of 90% of age predicted maximum heart rate (HR Max) and was shown to metabolically utilize aerobic and anaerobic systems simultaneously during kettlebell exercise as measured by VO2 & VCO2.  Additionally, this protocol and the amazing response to exertion allowed for participants to safely exercise at these levels with a wide range of baseline activity levels from semi-sedentary to former college athlete. In fact, I have successfully applied the Fung Protocol to senior clients with no complication or injury.  That’s the power of science!

Thanks again to all my followers, supporters, clients, and patients. With the loving support of my family and friends, YOU make the high quality education and expertise of Kettlebell Therapy possible.

Season’s Best!

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