Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Swinging Away Back Pain

I'm pleased to present another Kettlebell Therapy™ article on the Physical Therapy Web Space titled "Swinging Away Back Pain".

There have been estimations stating that 80% of Americans will experience back pain some time in their life1 (Web MD, Mayo Clinic). Choosing an appropriate therapeutic corrective exercise to address back pain can be quite the conundrum. One of the many goals in addressing back pain with movement is not only to modulate the pain, but to keep the pain at bay during functional activities. Of the many therapeutic exercises available to address back pain, preserving functionality can be a challenge. Correction during specific and isolated movements is more easily achieved than it is maintained during an actual functional performance.

As therapeutic relief and maintaining correct movement are central goals in movement based therapy, an ideal exercise for a back program would be that which both relieves pain and prevents further injury by fortifying functional spine mechanics. Kettlebells have recently garnished considerable attention in the world of Physical Rehabilitation. Despite the kettlebell being nothing more than a cast iron wrecking ball with a handle on top, there have been studies exploring kettlebell exercise for lower extremity sports rehabilitation2, musculoskeletal health3, and cardiovascular exercise response4, 5.



  1. Do you think swinging back pain can loose weight and remove Back pain and joint pain both.If yes then your article is not useless for us.Middle Back Pain Exercise

    1. In my experience, losing weight is part of dealing with chronic pain. I've found that kettlebells are quite adept at dealing with chronic pain as well as recuperating from injury.